How I DO it

The building blocks of Constructing Learnership™: What's involved? 

Consulting discerns what are the elements and the real problems, opportunities or challenges that are needed to be solved.

Using a range of diagnostics (quantitative) and dialogue processes (qualitative) I help you gain clarity and a collective understanding of what is needed to make change happen.

Facilitation is about delivering experiences that develop leaders, teams and an organisation's capacity and capability to the next level.

Facilitation is both a practice and art. My approach uses co-creation, dialogue, light heartedness with healthy amount of challenge as a way to shift perspectives and gain deep engagement.

Coaching drives the application of learning by inviting reflection and feedback, provoking further insights and encouraging experimentation of new ways of thinking and doing.

My coaching process leverages theory and practice from a wide range of sources including vertical development, group dynamics, collaborative problem solving and performance systems.

Leveraging global research from Thought leaders in the
areas of leadership, learning and performance Including:

Adaptive Leadership, Ronald Heifetz et al.

Triple Loop Learning, Chris Argyris

Reflection in Action, Donald Schon

Action Learning, Reg Revans

Experiential Learning, David Kolb

Systems Thinking, Donella Meadows

Learning Organisations, Peter Senge

Structural Dynamics, David Kantor

Dialogue, William Issacs

Adult Development, Robert Keegan

Holacracy, Brian Robertson

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.
— Albert Einstein