Art is amazing isn't it? It can capture emotion in a moment. Yet every piece of art is unique. Every viewer sees something different too. How cool....

Recently we visited the David Hockney exhibition at the NGV. Amazing explosions of colour and vibrancy made even more fascinating by the adaption he has undertaken. Having painted for over 50 years he has now fully embraced technology with a whole section of the exhibit dedicated to his art made on iPad.  

Over the course of the exhibit you see the progression of his technique. When he began, the art was crude and clunky, almost childlike. Hundreds of paintings later, it was sublime.

Yet for these new creations to arrive he needed to let go of the old way.
He embraced being less than great. He embraced being a learner all over again in his 70's even though he had a legacy of brilliance at stake.

That's courageous and bold.

That's Learnership™. 


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