+ Leveraged leaders real challenges, tangible improvements | Sensis

I had the privilige of engaging Hamish, through his business Kumbayah Consulting to assist in developing a very specific and tailored leadership program. He was able to create innovative learning design as opposed to a one off workshop. A program that had a continuous cycle of learning which leveraged
leaders real challenges as the focus for development. He was creative, engaging and dynamic in his delivery. His focus is on developing programs that have tangible result / improvements in leadership capability. A pleasure to work with and leverage the experience gained over many industries.
- Pina Mollica, Group Manager Human Resources, Sensis

+ developed leadership capacity & capability | HESTA

Hamish designed a customised executive coaching program that helped me further develop my leadership capacity/capability in "managing the grey". I found Hamish to be insightful with a unique coaching approach that equipped me to quickly identify areas for development and create techniques to put in to action. I would recommend Hamish to anyone who is managing rapid change that requires more just technical know how to deal with.
- Callum Todd, GM Digital Strategy, Hesta

+ Ability to engage and understand pressure points | REA Group

There are many impressive attributes that differentiate Hamish including:

  • his ability to engage and understand pressure points for organisations and individual leaders and in turn provide insightful solutions that deliver results and ensure behavioural change.
  • his commitment to a true partnership where he openly shares his wealth of knowledge and expertise yet creates an environment where you can communicate & collaborate to ensure bespoke organsiational solutions are created
  • his authentic and personable style enables him to truly connect with leaders - building high levels of trust and respect. Many coachees commented that "he got me instantly" and this connection continued to evolve giving permission for him to guide, question, challenge and create "healthy tension" enabling leaders to self reflect and commit to real change.
    - Mardi Wyndham, Group Learning & Development Manager – REA Group

+ Challenged My Way Of Being | Channel Seven

Hamish crafted a program that challenged my current way of being, and opened my eyes to new ways of doing business. He did so in a very supportive environment that enabled me to stretch beyond my comfort zone to achieve measurable, clear outcomes. He listens, reflects and delivered a bespoke coaching program that I highly recommend to anyone who is seriously ready to take the next step for personal and professional growth... and he made it an enjoyable process - which made a world of difference.
- Jason Volbeda, Melbourne Programming & Communications Manager – Channel Seven

+ Strategic Insight into Organisational Development | Telstra

I was keen to utilise Hamish’s expertise and was delighted to be able to engage him to develop a high-performing team module/program of work over an 18 month period for my function. Hamish has an extraordinary depth of knowledge and strategic insight into Organisational Development, his module design was considered and met the specific needs of my group - and his group facilitation style ensured the best results and excellent outcomes.
- Jill Risely, General Manager, Digital Inclusion - Telstra

+ Strong focus on outcomes | Dimension Data

Hamish has a strong focus on firstly understanding your business and the reasons you are engaging him. This translates to a program with a strong focus on outcomes and building capability within a team. His sessions are designed to bring about lasting change. He gives space and guides robust discussion on functionally managing team change by assisting in building capability and providing the team with the skills and ‘permission’ to hold each other accountable to desired outcomes. I could not more highly recommend Hamish and the service he provides.
- Fiona Murphy, HR Manager - Dimension Data

+ Delivered a customised executive coaching solution | Chrysler

Hamish has prepared and delivered a customised executive coaching solution for me this year. From first contact, his collaborative and bespoke approach to my coaching needs has ensured a challenging, confronting and unbelievably rewarding "experience" was and continues to be delivered.
- Karla Leach, Director of Corporate Affairs - Chrysler

+ Catapulted us into action | Brand Collective

Thought provoking, informative and engaging. This program brought us all together and unified us as a leadership team - it catapulted us into action. We now are disruptive innovators, constantly redesigning our business for the future.
- Leadership Program Participant, Brand Collective

+ A coach that will make a difference | National Australia Bank

Hamish’s ability to utilise his advanced coaching skills and knowledge to change behaviours and develop leadership skills sets him apart from other learning and development professionals. I highly recommend him to organisations and individuals seeking a coach that will make a difference.
- Tim Wilkinson, Senior Project Manager - National Australia Bank

+ Helped achieve the right results | Australian Super

I would not hesitate to recommend Hamish to any individual and/or organisation looking for expertise to achieve targeted, focused outcomes that will help achieve the right results.
- Adam Gibson, Organisational Capability Manager – Australian Super

+ enlightening, challenging and thought provoking | Healthcare

I found the day enlightening, challenging and thought provoking. It was just nice to spend quality time with colleagues away from the work environment. The content was relevant and delivered in a non threatening and easy to understand manner. Thank you Hamish for "getting" our team so quickly and facilitating the day so we could see our shared similarities and thus celebrating what we do well.
Leadership Program Participant, Healthcare

+ Impactful and Life Changing | REA Group

As part of REA Group's executive coaching program, I was given some time over the course of a year for coaching with Hamish. I had expectations that I might learn a thing or two to navigate difficult work situations, but what I got was positively life changing. Hamish created a safe environment for me to be really challenged in order to do some deep personal growth work. He knew exactly what to say to respectfully question some of my thoughts and perceptions and encourage that shift in me as a whole person (not just from a work or personal perspective), and also what tools were right for me. At the end of the 12 months I can say that I have made some huge personal improvements (some of which have represented a lifetime of challenges) which have helped me immensely as a leader also. I am incredibly grateful to Hamish for this highly impactful work that has hands down been the best development work I have ever done in my life / career to change my thoughts, behaviours and leadership style in the most positive way.
- Emma Winterbourn, State Sales Manager, REA Group